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Icim Asure (Dessert With Milk) 12*225GR

  • Brand: Icim
  • Product Code: 25305
  • Availability: In Stock

Icim Asure (Dessert With Milk) is offers the real taste of Asure. The practical preparation of this dessert, which will leave a special taste, will provide you with great convenience. Ulker İçim Aşure has rich content and is in perfect consistency every time! Icim Asure to be consumed with wheat, beans, chickpeas, apricots, currants, cinnamon, oranges and lemons,

This traditional dessert, which requires a great deal of mastery, is getting its unique flavor in the ingenious hands of ladies while taking a seat in the kitchen with Icim Asure (Dessert With Milk).

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